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Prague Doctoral Program
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Living in Prague
Frequently asked questions
We have received materials from more than 130 candidates. We will send updates on the results of the evaluation.

We accept applications for PhD studies in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Cosmology, Astroparticle Physics, Gravitational and Mathematical Physics, and String Theory.

The PhD projects will be carried out at collaborating institutions in Prague, Czechia:

All candidates admitted for PhD will be students of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University.

All students admitted through this program will receive for the 4-year duration of the program a state-guaranteed scholarship of net 10 500 CZK/month, which increases to net 11 500 CZK/month in the second year and finally to net 14 500 CZK/month after passing doctoral exam and English exam. Depending on the project, this stipend can be supplemented from other sources and reach above net 20 000 CZK/month for fully funded projects. More details are given under PhD projects & Funding. PhD students receive medical insurance with no or small co-pays, subsidized meals, possibility of staying in student dormitories (3000 - 6000 CZK/month), and free "Czech as foreign language" classes. There are no tuition or fees for PhD students. The price level in Czechia can be estimated at Numbeo.

Typically, applicants must have (or expect to have) a degree equivalent to MSc in Astronomy, Physics, or Mathematics before the start of the appointment.

Please submit the following information with your application:
  • CV
  • statement describing past research experience and future plans
  • two or three letters of recommendation
  • transcripts of all courses and grades
  • copies of academic certificates (Bc and MSc, if available)
  • copy of Bc and MSc thesis, if available, with English abstract
  • date of expected award of MSc degree
All candidates will be considered for all projects. But the applications can indicate the subject area or specific project of interest.

Please submit your applications to The maximum size of the message, including all attachments, should be smaller than 15 MB.
Letters of recommendation clearly identifying the applicant should be emailed directly by the referees to the same address before the same deadline.

Application deadline is January 15 2020.


All students have to be admitted to Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. This will typically include assembly of required documents and paying a small admission fee. We will offer help with admission and immigration procedures for applicants passing through this program.

Timeline of Application
January 15 2020
January 15 2020
Deadline for applications
February 2020
February 2020
Offers of projects
March 2020
March 2020
Final list of projects and students
April 30 2020
April 30 2020
Deadline for applications of admission to Charles University
October 1 2020
October 1 2020
Beginning of PhD studies
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the admission requirements?
Applicants must have (or expect to have) a degree equivalent to the MSc in Astronomy or Physics including a Master's Thesis in order to be acceptable for doctoral studies at Charles University. Successful applicants can only enroll in PhD studies after they receive MSc degree.
How is progress to PhD monitored?
Progress toward PhD is monitored yearly by the Board of doctoral studies 4F1 at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. The monitoring is based on yearly individual work plan assembled by the student and the advisor, and reports from the student and the advisor.
How to graduate?
To successfully graduate from MFF UK, the student needs to pass an English exam, State doctoral exam, and a final Doctoral thesis defense. Detailed information is available in the Rules of study at MFF UK.
How are candidates matched to projects?
All candidates will be considered for all projects. But the applications can indicate the subject area or motivation for a specific project of interest.
Living in Prague

Prague is a culturally rich and safe city. Prague is highly ranked on lists for students:

There is a number of pages about student life in Prague, for example, here and here.

PhD students have the option of living in student dormitories with prices ranging from 3000 to 6000 CZK/month.
PhD projects
Types of project funding:
  • base scholarship: all PhD students receive state-guaranteed funding for normal duration of PhD studies (4 years). This amounts to net 10 500 CZK/month initially and increases to net 14 500 CZK/month in the second and later years and after passing English and doctoral exams.
  • grant supplements: individual grants can supplement the base scholarship. Due to limited duration of grants (typically 3 years), the amount and duration of supplement differs and is indicated for each project. Extension of the supplement is not guaranteed.
  • fully-funded: the project offers net total funding at the minimal level of 20 000 CZK/month for the normal duration of PhD studies. Note that depending on the grant and institutional policies, the net income may be higher.