Smashing binary stars together: implications for neutron star and black hole binaries
Advisor: Ondřej Pejcha (ITP MFF CUNI)
Funding: Fully funded. For the duration of the ERC Starting Grant "Cat-In-hAT" (Jan 2019 - Dec 2023), the net income will be at least 25 000 CZK/month. Afterwards, the net income will be at least 20 000 CZK/month or more depending on the availability of funds.

We seek 1-2 PhD students to work on topics related to the ERC Starting Grant "Catastrophic interactions of binary stars and the associated transients" (Cat-In-hAT). The work will focus on understanding the theory and observational implications of two merging stars, including neutron stars. Depending on the interests of the student, the work could focus on transients from stellar collisions, (magneto)hydrodynamical evolution of merger remnants, formation of dust and molecules, and understanding the observational counterparts (blue stragglers, R CrB stars, FK Com stars, eta Car, progenitor of SN1987A, GW170817, etc.). The work will utilize existing codes or codes under development in the group: 1D stellar evolution, multidimensional low-Mach number magnetohydrodynamics, moving mesh radiation hydrodynamics, or N-body calculations. In addition, the group is a member of All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae, and the thesis can include significant observational or data analysis component.

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